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Staff and Students of St George's Secondary School, Adi Ugri

 Adi Ugri Secondary School Project


The St. George Secondary School of Adi Ugri (Mendefera) is one of the biggest schools in Eritrea.The school  established

a Reconstruction Committee to rehabilitate the buildings and to improve their teaching resources.

In response to a request by the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) for support for its efforts,

the Friends of Eritrea/UK allocated £3000 to buy and transport new high quality computers and other teaching aids for the school. 


A total of 5 brand new computers, 3 Office-Jet printers and a variety of spares and other goods, were sent, with the

help of the Eritrean Relief Association and Mr S. Marcos of AGE, (Action Group for Eritrea). Our most grateful thanks
to them and to all of those in the UK and in Eritrea, for all their hard work.


In recognition of this assistance we were able to support AGE's own project to supply books to Eritrean schools, with

a further donation of £500.